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Fully managed farm investment in Bursa Yenişehir.
We are setting up sheep and chicken farms according your budget and manage the farm and be your trusted partner.

Romanov Sheep Family
The motherland is Russia. It spread to the world from the Volga valley in the north-east of Moscow. He took his name from a former royal family. After the 18th century, the name of this sheep raki from the group of short tail spread rapidly into the country and rapidly spread out of the country. First imported from Germany and France. He was taken to the US in 1980. Breeding with this breed, Charolais, which is a cold climatic characteristic, fast breeding lambs are obtained.

Appearance Properties:
• When sheep are first born they become black and grow into gray tones as they grow.
• Females are without horns.
• It is small in size, with long legs.
• The white secondary hairs show a color close to the post hue since they are longer than the black primary hairs.
• The milk yield is also high.
• Resistant to cold and hot changes.
• Adaptability is good.

Yield Properties:

• Live weight: Male: 55 - 80 kg; Female: 40 - 50 kg
• Wool fineness: 20.9 microns (bottom), 71.9 microns (top)
• Wool yield: 4.5 kg
• Lamb birth weight: 2.2 kg
• Number of lambs on the one side: 2.35 - 2.45
• The rate of increase in the number of lambs in the west: 275 - 280% (50% Romanov female)
• The rate of increase in the number of lambs in the west: 230 - 240% (25% Romanov female)
• It shows anger in 3-4 months.
• 5 traits are very high (sometimes 6), but this is true for purebred races, but is now used extensively in hybrids.


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    Property Size
    5000 sqm
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    1 Garage
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Payment Plan

  • Payment : All Cash
  • Project Process : Off Plan


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